Frequently Asked Questions

wwWorks is not an ISP.  It doesn’t matter which ISP you use, if your connection isn’t meeting the speed, stability and consistent up time that you expect, we can help you to improve what you have now.

Yes.  We make the Internet Work and that includes connecting and testing all of your internet reliant devices to make sure they are properly connected and working properly.

Yes we can.  We keep up to date with the latest in lifestyle, security and health technology that uses the internet to deliver improvements to the ways we live and work.  The wwWorks design teams are experts at understanding which of the IOT solutions would add value to your home or business and designing and installing solutions that deliver that value.

We are experienced with managing internet infrastructure upgrades for apartment buildings. Our Account Manager is available to meet with the buildings Strata Managers and Owners/Building Committees to explain the importance and benefits of having an up to date network in the building.  We can assist you to positively influence the decision on upgrading your buildings infrastructure.

Our Internet Guru’s and Mobile Service Technicians will quickly identify what issues are impacting your internet connection.  In the case that problem is caused by one of your devices,  we will identify and fix the problem with the device.  (any costs for virus or other software removal above the standard call out will be advised for your approval before commencement)

wwWorks will not commence any new works without your express confirmation after providing you a quote or estimate for the works.  All of our services are available as individual options.  Using our Guru’s or Mobile Service Technician’s to fix an issue does not mean you have to implement any other recommendations that are made to enhance the service.


Same with our Design and Installation Services, we can provide designs for other installers to follow as part of a larger project, provide a DIY Install design and components or the complete end to end service.

wwWorks can supply for you the hardware you need to maximise your internet connection such as modems, routers and extenders but, if you have purchased hardware else where we can still help to install and configure this for you.

Our basic call out charge covers traveling to your place and the first 45 mins on site within our fixed service areas.  We strive to provide a level of service unmatched by any competitor, and all work is backed by our wwWorks Service Guarantee.

The same-day service charge lets us be on call seven days a week, including holidays, and allows us to keep extra technicians on standby for your emergencies. If you don’t need us today, we can usually come by the next business day at no extra charge to you.

Most repairs can be solved in the 45 mins, however, if the technician expects that it will take longer, he or she will usually know within the first 15 minutes. The technician will give you options, and you can decide how you want to proceed.

Since most repairs are completed in 45 mins or less, we encourage our customers to take advantage of any extra time that is available.  Our Guru’s carry a checklist to ensure all aspects of your network are functioning and connected.  

Sometimes, we find that the true issue affecting a service is under the direct control of your ISP or the NBN Co.  Our Guru’s will identify the issue and provide you a simple to understand report that can be provided to your ISP or NBN Co to assist with having the issue rectified.  If it’s a complex or ongoing issue, or you don’t have the time to spend following up on the repair, your Guru can manage the follow up and resolution with the provider on your behalf.

In most cases our Guru’s will be booked to attend within 24 – 48 hours of your call.  For urgent issues that require same day resolution, we do have a same service available.

Customers are the centre of what we do.  It is our priority to make sure our people are properly trained and equipped to do their job well and deliver on the promises of the organisation.. Your feedback helps to improve the way we help our clients.    When our customers aren’t happy wwWorks will find a way to resolve the issue.

We are not happy unless you’re happy.