Installation and Set Up

A quality internet network design for work needs to have a quality installation.  Our installation teams cover every aspect of installing for business.  Prior to commencement we provide you a detailed schedule with actual dates and timing for installation and we make sure that we complete the installation as planned.  We know that on time installation completion is essential to minimise interruption for residents and with our  focus on and client communication we make sure they know what to expect and when it will happen.

We provide professional project management as a part of every installation who is the main point of contact and will manage the installation from the start until completion.  All of our installation team and contractors have high levels of professionalism and experience in completing quality professional installation services.  

We only work with properly licensed and insured contractors to deliver your installation.  

Post installation, we support residents to make sure they have an optimal internet connection available and that all of their internet reliant technology is connected and working.

It’s how we make the internet work.

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