Internet Enhancers

When a high functioning internet service is available at home the number of things that you can do online with confidence increases.  We provide and can install and set up for you a whole range of products and services that are becoming known as the Internet Of Things (IOT).  We offer basic IOT services such Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to replace the traditional landline.  Smart Home applications that add to your quality of life and improve your home’s energy consumption.  CCTV and Alarm systems now rely on the internet and with the right configuration and coupled with your smartphone can be used as active home protection rather than retrospective protection. 

Has video conferencing become a large part of your home life as the traditional office decentralises?  We are experts in configuring and connecting high quality video conferencing solutions for home.  

Our understanding of the fast evolving opportunities that the Internet Of Things brings means that you can be certain our advice and suggestions have you 100% in mind.  Of course when sourcing your internet enhancers from wwWorks, our on-site Internet Guru’s will configure, connect and make sure your enhancers are ready to work.  It’s how we make the internet work even better.

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