Internet Gurus To Your Door

You have purchased an internet service from one of Australia’s Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), the NBN have installed something, you have been sent a modem and according to your ISP that’s it, you’re all set to go.  Unfortunately that is rarely the case.  Slow data speeds, patchy connections, WiFi signals that don’t reach to where you want to use the internet, the working from home video conference that keeps dropping out when the kids start watching Bluey.  

Our Mobile Internet Guru’s are available to come to you at a time that works best for you.  We aren’t restricted by business hours, we come when it is convenient for you (early mornings, evenings or weekends no problem).  Our Guru’s are specialists in diagnosing and correcting problems with the internet connections and internet reliant technology.  

Our process examines every component of your internet connection, including the NBN managed components.  Our experience in Australia suggests that over 85% of home internet user issues exist beyond the NBN connection.  The wwWorks Guru’s will zero in on issues within your existing network and correct them on the spot if possible or if greater intervention is required work with you to return and finalise the fix at the earliest possible convenience. 

If we find the issue with your connection is an NBN Co issue, our Guru will prepare a detailed report on the issue and the required corrective action and provide this to NBN directly.  We can even follow up with NBN on your behalf to track the job and offer oversight to make sure the NBN provided correction has been effective.

The wwWorks Internet Guru’s will also set up, connect and test that all of your internet reliant devices are operating at their full functionality.

It’s some of the ways we make the internet work.

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