On Site Technical Support and Assessment

wwWorks technicians will travel to your apartment site to assist with resolving issues with internet services.  Our technicians can attend, assess and complete repairs for a single apartment, multiple apartments or the entire building. 

When called to a site on behalf of a Strata Manager, our technicians will work directly with the apartment tenant.  They will conduct a process to test across the customers internet network, identify issues and glitches and resolve these.  We will also provide you a detailed report of what caused the issue at hand, how it was corrected and any other options we may have to improve the service for the building overall.  We collect information on each building we attend, which over time allows us to build a deep understanding of the site and its unique challenges.

The wwWorks team acts as an extension of your team.  Where issues occur in areas that are part of common property, they are fixed with the minimum interruption possible to the residents, where an issue is occurring in private areas, we help the client understand and provide them solutions, that they can decide to take up with charges to their account.

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